Panchsheel Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is a path or a marketing system conceived by management of Panchsheel Lifecare pvt.ltd. This system allows us to have Health Wealth and Happiness by promoting herbal products, bio magnetic product & FMCG. Incorporated under Companies Act 2013 Panchsheel Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is an ambitious enterprise of the 21st century that has entered into the Indian markets with multifaceted objectives. With a strong vision to establish itself into a role model Herbal Products & FMCG marketing organization within the Direct Selling industry.

Panchsheel Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. intends to make a profound social contribution to the society. Going beyond a mere paper intention, it is committed to walk its talk in its truest sense, Panchsheel Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is lead by an extremely successful group of industrialists and is ably supported by a team of professionals having in-depth industry knowledge. Taking a giant leap towards health, wealth and freedom in a rapidly changing global socio-economic scenario, Panchsheel Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is all set to mesmerize Indian consumers by helping them raise their standard of living in a holistic way. Forecasting the gigantic task that is associated in propagating its heartfelt-vision to every Indian, Panchsheel Lifecare pvt.ltd. has opted to bestow these responsibilities to people themselves using the medium of direct selling. Panchsheel Lifecare profound evolution, its healthy existence and an ambitious global expansion is based on the 3 ‘P’s of a successful enterprise in the order of People, Products and Prosperity. Truly our priority is people, followed by a wide range of premium trades & Products which would ultimately result in the prosperity of one and all. With a die-hard commitment to cater to people coming from all segments of the society, by going beyond responding to their primary needs, Panchsheel Lifecare is all set to create extra-ordinary success stories of people from all walks of life. Taking a serious note of our intent, a large number of people and organizations have already reposed their unconditional faith on us embracing our vision. Panchsheel Lifecare offers a wide range of world-class products in the field of Health Care, Personal Care, FMCG, and OTC nutraceuticals. The products are offered at an affordable price giving an access to people to experience the comfort of luxurious living imparting a sense of pride and consumer satisfaction. As a result, within a short period of time our presence will strongly be felt in all major cities of India. Panchsheel Lifecare has already acquired the reputation of being one of the fastest growing Direct Selling companies.

Our Mission

  • To create direct and indirect employment opportunities:
    To create abundant and effective self-employment opportunities, both directly and indirectly, and help every Indian reach their dreams by providing consistent income streams and ensure their financial security and career growth.

  • To create health awareness among all sections of people:
    To provide premium products at an affordable price to people of all sections and to create health conscious individuals who would nurture and nourish their physical being and create a healthy nation that helps India become a global super power.

  • To create enlightened individuals:
    To empower individuals who are eager to make positive difference to their life and those around them by being in action reflecting sound ethical values and helping them grow through training and support system.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to create a society of enlightened individuals that has equal access for health, and freedom to live at large.

  • It is to create abundant & business opportunity to every individual.

  • It is to provide (constituent) or (regular) Income & insure financial security.

  • It is to create a healthy nation to take our nation to become a global super power.

  • It is to create enlightened individual.